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We started the FLIGHT NIGHT program when we were known as the Park Township Airport Historical Association in the historic hangar at the Park Township Airport.  After the forced closure of the airport, our organization faced a major shift in mission and location. We changed our name to Flight Path, remained a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, and moved to the West Michigan Regional Airport (Tulip City Airport).  We are very grateful to Ben Fogg for offering to donate space in his beautiful new red and white hangar for our FLIGHT NIGHT program.

The history of the Park Township airport will remain, but Flight Path is now entirely focused on introducing young people to the excitement of aviation at the West Michigan Regional Airport through our FLIGHT NIGHT program.  Please see the FLIGHT NIGHT page for more information on the program. We invite middle and high school students to sign up for a FLIGHT NIGHT and visit our new location at the West Michigan Regional Airport,

Flight Path is an all volunteer organization.  We continue to offer the free FLIGHT NIGHT program for middle and high school students.  Through the generosity of donors we now have four flight simulators and one of them is a full motion VR system.  We are exploring a second level program for those students with the aptitude and desire to further explore a career in aviation. A higher-level program could offer students a skills assessment and personal introduction to aviation professionals who can explain what is involved in becoming a pilot, aviation mechanic, air traffic controller, aeronautical engineer, or flight operations manager.  As more volunteers join and participate we can offer more programs.  Flight Path also collaborates with STEM Flights, another non-profit that matches students with volunteer pilots to get a real flight experience.

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West Michigan Regional Airport Sign
Airplane at West Michigan Regional Airport

Before Flight Path…

Our organization was formerly known as the Park Township Airport Historical Association.  And before that Ottawa Aviation. Our aviation roots go back to 1984 when a group of 23 pilots created Ottawa Aviation. Its mission was to foster aviation interests at the Park Township Airport, provide a gathering place for pilots and any lover of aviation, and eventually to manage the daily operations of the Park Township Airport for the Township.  Park Township Airport (identifier KHLM for “Holland Lake Macatawa”) was the original business airport of Holland and was formally established in 1937.  Another part of the mission of Ottawa Aviation and its subsequent change to the 501c3 Park Township Airport Historical Association, was to preserve and protect the history of the airport.  Unfortunately in 2020, Park Township Board members effectively engineered the closure of the airport, The only thing to be left intact is the T-33 Jet on the stand, originally donated by the Fogg family.  The Park Township Airport had a rich history and many interesting events and visitors.  See below for more information and photos.  For further study go to the Holland Museum, Holland Archives, Bob Swierenga’s book: “Holland, MI-From Dutch Colony to Dynamic City” and “Park Township Centennial History 1915-2015”, and another book commissioned by the West Michigan Airport Authority and Ron Ludema family named “Ascent – The 75th Anniversary of the Tulip City Airport”.

Park Township Airport  1937-2020

Flight Simulator class
Flight Simulator class

The last message seen on the sign at the Park Township Airport – 2020

Flight Simulator class
Flight Simulator class
Flight Simulator class

T-33 Jet memorial donated by the Fogg family.  Located at the site of the closed Park Township Airport.

Charles  Walgreen, founder of Walgreen’s Drugs, owned an Electra 10 twin-motor company plane.  On May 20, 1937, during Tulip Time, Mrs Myrtle Walgreen and 10 friends flew into Park Township airport from Chicago on the company airplane. The plane was piloted by R. Z. Zeck.  Mrs. Walgreen and two other women left the plane and went to the Nelis Tulip Farm to view the tulips. Mrs. Walgreen told reporters the trip was made to Holland without incident and in record time by way of South Bend, Indiana.  A short stop was made at Benton Harbor to pick up John Nathan, the son of Major Nathan of London and Jamaica.              Holland Sentinel 2008 article

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